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First of all, We’ve got our article section up. Second of all, if you’re interested in writing for us, you can send a query to our new contact email.
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RHSF is Ready for Summer

Are you guys ready to boogie down for the summer?! We’re gonna have some ROM hacks and some articles, and whatever. I don’t know. RHSF has been working behind the scenes a lot, and by a lot, I mean, not at all. Shortly after I made that last post I got smacked upside the head with divorce papers, so I’ve been dealing with that. Sorry to disappoint you. Anywho, enjoy the upgraded webpage and hope and pray that I don’t forget my FTP info again.

See you soon.

DDS and Friends have Goemon Translations on Lock.

Check out DDS’ Twitter account to see what I mean.

I’ll be doing a more elaborate writeup in the next 24 hours or so detailing everything.

Wilford Brimley 1934 – 2020

It is with extreme distress that I must announce the death of Wilford Brimley. a man that touched the hearts of every single person in the ROM hacking community and the world at large. You know, it’s not even the fact that he was a meme superstar or that the ROM hacking community was so invested in this guy. He was a genuine person and he exuded that quality in every single piece of work he ever featured in. Rest in Peace, Wilford Brimley. You have touched our lives in ways in an incomprehensible way; may you never be forgotten.

We have a Wilford Brimley ROM Hack collection on our server, so we’ll be offering it here in celebration of this mans wonderful life. I’ve also heard word of plans for a tribute hack to be made. More on that when/if it comes to light.

Bizarre NES Ports of Atari 2600/7800 Games

We’ve got our hands on some ports of classic Atari 2600 games to the NES. All your favorites are here, there’s Adventure, Millipede, and everyone’s favorite, Air Sea Battle. If you ever wanted to play a terribly broken version of Gravitar with an NES controller, here’s your chance.

These are direct, 1 to 1 ports. that means that aside from the fact that they run on NES hardware/emulators, they look identical to their 2600/7800 incarnations (generally speaking). Unfortunately, the sound in these games is completely different from the originals. These ports also play far worse than the originals in a lot of cases. I tested all of these on real hardware. I can’t vouch for how they perform on emulators.

Included in this package are:

Adventure – You too, can play the only Atari 2600 game Reddit is aware of. now with more painful controls. The ending sequence is also so screwed up it has to be seen to be believed.
Air Sea Battle – A game that was outdated before the NES even existed. There are Tiger Handheld games that play better than this garbage.
Asteroids – The 7800 version. I know the 2600 version was also ported, but I can’t find it. There doesn’t seem to be any momentum in this version.
Battlezone – I’d never played Battlezone until today. Seems pretty cool.
Canyon Bomber – Nobody on planet Earth asked for this. Nobody.
Centipede – I think it’s the 7800 version. I can’t be assed to check.
Crystal Castles – An abhorrent port of a great game.
Desert Falcon – 7800 game. It’s like a terrible version of Zaxxon.
Food Fight – A very difficult to find, yet great game. The NES version is still the worst version.
Gravitar – An ambitious but ultimately frustrating game becomes even worse due to having some of the most annoying sound effects ever.
Haunted House – The most terrifying thing about this ROM is that it’s completely broken on real hardware.
Millipede – 2600 version. it might just be me, but I’m pretty sure this stole it’s sound effects from the HAL Laboratory port.
Planet Smashers – 7800 game. I didn’t play it. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you shouldn’t either.
Saboteur – It’s one of those “what is even happening” kind of Atari games.
Sprintmaster – imagine if R.C. Pro AM was ported to the Atari 2600, then back to the NES. Yes.
Warlords – A single player, paddle free version of Warlords. It’s as horrifying as it sounds
Yars Revenge – Somehow, the effect for completing a stage is nowhere near as smooth as the 2600 version. I presume it has something to do with the NES being tile based, and the devs being too lazy to port the game properly.

So yeah, if you were expecting to make some awesome repro compilation of these games for your perusal, don’t. They’d be a waste of good ICs. Everything here is mostly garbage and I’m uploading them solely for archival purposes. If you own these and want me to take them down, contact me and I’ll happily do so. I can’t imagine anyone would care seeing as how the device these were dumped from has been off the market for 15 years. Not to mention the fact that Atari actively encouraged downloading roms of their games with the latest Atari Flashback console.

If I find any more of these monstrosities I’ll add them.

Click Here to Download

You asked for it, so here it is. RHSF Now Has a Forum!

We are happy to announce the re-opening of the Rom Hackers Sans FrontiĆ©res Forum. Yeah, a forum in 2020. Look, I have no idea if this will ever be successful. I sure hope it is, because I can tell you right now it’s the most censorship free ROM Hacking related forum around. Get to posting.

New Article on why SNES Final Fight Sucked

I wrote an article on the SNES port of Final Fight and why it sucked. I don’t mean to suggest that this is some kind of hit piece. It’s more of an in depth look at the technical reasons that the port’s quality suffered. If that kind of thing frenches your fry, click here to read it.

Sega Master System Hacks Added

You guy’s like the Master System? If you ask me, Wonder Boy and Sonic are great, but everything else? Meh. My opinion is completely irrelevant though, so you should check out our Sega Master System section if you’re looking for translations or homebrew. Sadly there are still very few translations to choose from with the Master System. I’m also considering adding those weird Brazilian hacks that were officially sold over there. You know the ones I’m talking about. Another thing I want to add is that I’ll be modifying the other consoles’ pages to more resemble the Master System one in the next update. They’re supposed to look bad, but not that bad.

Harrassment in the Rom Hacking Community

Look, I just said the other day, and will repeat it here, I have lost interest in ROM Hacking. One of the reasons for that repeated itself today.

A translation hacker recently released a direct translation of Goemon 3 at romhacking.net. it featured a rather rude slur within the original japanese text. This slur was translated into “Tranny” and is said to be accurate of the original japanese phrase, which translates directly into “newhalf” and is apparently just as derogitory.

It’s shameful, sure, but the game was made in a less enlightened time. We can’t really judge the creators for something they wrote 30 years ago, let alone the guy responsible to translating that unfortunate word into something that is understandable to english speakers. I mean, a direct translation is a direct translation. Right?

Apparently not, in the eyes of some people.

Because I am not a trans person, I can’t tell you whether or not this is offensive. For a group of individuals to get angry on behalf of others is honorable in a way, but it also negates the autonomy of the group being defended. I think the harrassers simply pounced when they saw an opportunity to harrass someone from the moral high ground. This practice is in vogue right now. Harrassment ranged from aggressive demands to have the word changed to full blown death threats.

Statistically, it’s impossible for all of these harrassers to be trans and have any understanding of the marginalization they face. Even if they all were, harrassing “Tom” like they did would still have been completely unacceptable.

Mind you, this is a minority of people. They shouldn’t be taken seriously in most cases. The general concensus is that it’s a direct translation and so it should stay as is. Which is in my opinion, reasonable.

The harrassment initially seems to have started at ROMhacking.net, but soon, large websites with a huge amount of clout began using their Twitter accounts to dog whistle for even more harrassment.

The twitter account for Hardcore Gaming 101, which has over 14k followers, made several baseless claims that “Tom” was a right winger and a transphobe. Entirely because he didn’t localize the term to be something less rude. This Twitter account is run by Kurt Kalata, someone well known for having rather extreme opinions. Because of that, it’s reasonable to assume only people who agree with those opinions follow him. That’s how social media works.

While it’s perfectly okay to have opinions, it’s incredibly screwed up to tweet something like this out knowing full well that your equally opinionated followers were going to probably attack this person. Kurt could have easily sent a private message or email to let “Tom” know that he found the slur distasteful, but he didn’t.

SNEScentral, a video game preservation site, continued to fuel the flames of the harrassment campaign by retweeting the above tweet. Adding that because it’s 2020 that suddenly older works need to be modernized, completely going against their aspirations as video game preservationists.

After the unbelievably brutal onslaught of harrassment, “tom” apologized to the mob.

I let “toms” words speak for themselves.

After this uneccessary apology was released, Kurt of Hardcore Gaming 101 had this to say at ResetERA, a forum know for curating harrassment campaigns against game developers. Kind of like some horrible politically reverse 4chan.

Whatever social clout the harassers gained among their peers was had at the expense of the Trans Community.

At best, the harrassers defended a group they don’t understand from a word they assume trans people dislike in the name of moral rightousness.

At worst, they exploited a marginalized group as an excuse to harrass someone because he used a word they dislike.

Who knows the motives, it’s wrong regardless.

I sincerely hope “Tom” returns at some point. He seems to have created some pretty great translations and absolutely deserves to be treated with respect.

Let me end on the note that RHSF does not condone the casual use of the slurs described in the article. Merely, that those that directly translate them from another language should be allowed to do so without fear of harrassment.

If you are interested in trying the hack yourself, you can download it
here from our server unless “tom” asks us to remove it. We don’t want to risk it disappearing from the internet. The people generally in charge of these things clearly cannot be trusted.

Edit: article was edited for grammar.

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