Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 3

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Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 3

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Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 3 is now in the works. This is the official announcement. It's happening. It's going to be quick, and dirty. Here's what to expect.

1) Level edits akin to the "Naked Headless Mario Gameboy" i.e. Some levels will be completely different, others will be screwed up version of old levels. Things will be different enough to feel fresh. The reason why this is the case is due to the fact that I can't possibly hack that many levels to be new things without spending potentially years on this thing, and I intend to finish this thing before the COVID-19 Pandemic ends because I have the time to do it. World designs will be completely different. All stages are being tested many, many times to ensure fair challenge. No Kaizo bullshit here. There will be no half assing from me. I'm sure you could make the argument that I'm half assing by not completely redoing every single level. I'll tell you this much. There wont be a single level in the game that doesn't have changes in it. I'm simply being realistic given the amount of time I have to work on this thing per day,

2)Graphical changes will be similar to all other games in series. expect thorough changes to everything. Palettes and title screen are already being modified substantially.

3) The goal is to corrupt the original game, not create a brand new game. I learned with NPPFTDN that doing things like that, while fun, adds to much development time to something that should be relatively straight forward. Though I am extremely happy with the results of that hack and glad to hear that people liked it, Naked Headless Mario 1 and 2 were corruptions of a childhood favorite at heart, and I want the trilogy to be consistent in that respect while also upping the ante in this first non spin off in 10 years. I'll be doing this by messing with your expectation regarding the game, as opposed to changing the fundamentals of the game itself.

Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis was made in an afternoon,
Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 2 was made in 3 months.
Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 3 should follow this trend but I'm not going to talk about specific release days.

Obviously, this hack is not for everyone. It will contain extremely profane content and edgy humor. If you don't like it, or think that somehow a hack that features Hitlers Penis as the antagonist is an endorsement of Nazism of an shape, form, or fashion I cannot help you. your brain must be fried or something. Nazis would probably see something like that as the ultimate insult, which is the point.

I spent years putting this off because I got sidetracked by what I even wanted from the series. I kept thinking that I needed to do something that would top anything and everything else. I'm going to take the same approach I did with the first hack for the most part. Random, extreme vandalism of a nintendo favorite. I'll improve upon the first two by creating an experience that subverts gameplay expectation without outright changing things all together for the most part, much like I do with the visuals and music in the previous games but with care as keep the game from being frustrating.

So yeah, this is actually happening after 10 fucking years. I'll post updates here, maybe some demos, I dunno. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for what they might wanna see, lemme know and I'll consider it.

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Re: Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 3

Post by GoogieToons »

Looking forward to it, this hack is gonna be gangsta. :mrgreen:

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Re: Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis 3

Post by Metal64 »

Can't wait for "Naked Headless Mario Fights the Dick Nazis World"!

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