Thanks for everything, folks.

I genuinely mean that. If you’re here, you’re probably already a member of the Discord Channel. That’s good. I’m finally implementing changes around here, and I’m sorry that it didn’t happen sooner. The mission statement of RHSF is still relatively the same, but for now, the Forum is no more. It was a total failure and most discussion is done in our Discord channel anyhow.

The great thing though , was those long form articles that you fine people would write regarding whatever it is you’re doing at the time. Keep that up, and keep writing it, because as of right now, you’ll have a permanent place to post any and all of that. Right here, as a full blown article on this very website for everyone to see. Other than that, right now I’m just building as I go. Give me a day or two to figure everything out, and I’ll post back here. Until then, keep on hacking.

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