Techmoon’s Deadpool for NES

Let me preface this by saying I’ve been making ROM Hacks for 10 years and have played tons of them. Both intentionally bad hacks, as well as stuff that does some incredible things. With that said, I have recently been beta testing Deadpool, a Ninja Gaiden hack by Techmoon. It’s a total conversion and there are instances where if someone told me that this was an official Marvel sanctioned Deadpool game, I would believe it.

These guys have taken Ninja Gaiden, a game that I dont even really like, and made it into something that’s a borderline masterpiece. There are very few things wrong with Deadpool, considering the game it’s built upon. Ninja Gaiden would often set you up to fail with things like infinitely respawning enemies, poorly placed weapon pickups, bad enemy placement, and just generally piss you off if you played it long enough.

None of that is in Deadpool. Ninja Gaiden’s unfair aspects have been replaced with genuine challenge and as a result, I love this game.

I’m not going to spoil anything right now. The element of surprise makes the hack that much better. There are things in here that you will not see coming. Like i said, this a total conversion. Going into it expecting to play Ninja Gaiden with a Deadpool skin will not do you any favors. This is as different from Ninja Gaiden as Doom is from Chex Quest. They might run on the same engine, but they’re totally different. At least, as much as it can be. Cutscenes still are very Ninja Gaiden like, but only in terms of the animations.

I’ll be giving a more comprehensive write up on this gem after it releases. I don’t know when itll be out, but when it does come out, you need to play this game. Even if you’re not a fan of Deadpool or Marvel comics, (which the devs most certainly are) this is just a great hack in general. The amount of love that went into this thing is unreal, and deserves accolade.