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I run this ghost town. I've been involved with ROM hacking since 2008. When disappeared in 2017 for several days, I realized that the vast majority of ROM Hacks on that website only exist there. Later in 2018, the group I was running with got a little too spicy for my liking. I decided to break away and formed my own PMC--er, ROM hacking site and that's basically it. Since I have kids and a job, I have basically zero time to work on any of this, but someday it'll be populated with precious, precious ROM Hacks. ROM Hackers Sans Frontieres exists specifically to archive every ROM hack ever released. Even those naughty ones that doesn't like. We also exist, as the title states, as a place for ROM hackers that may not like other communities seeing as how the only other general ROM hacking sites left are both infested with people sporting rather extreme political views. ;) We don't care about politics here. We want to foster a community that allows people from all walks of life to share their work and discuss ideas with other ROM Hackers. This primarily occurs in our Discord server since forums are inconvenient by comparison. Contact me either through our twitter @RHSF1997 or RHSF discord channel -

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