Return of Gecko Grabber

I know that content I put on this site has a tendency to vanish unexpectedly, but hopefully this time it sticks. Gecko Grabber (my CPS1 graphics editor) has been given a bit of an update, and is once… Read More

Console Modding

I’m not even going to sugar coat things. I have lost interest in ROMhacking recently. This is temporary, and usually occurs once or twice a year for a few months. I wouldn’t have started this site if not… Read More

Techmoon’s Deadpool for NES

Let me preface this by saying I’ve been making ROM Hacks for 10 years and have played tons of them. Both intentionally bad hacks, as well as stuff that does some incredible things. With that said, I have… Read More

Famicom Disk System Translations are Here

The Famicom Disk System might just be the best console add-on ever created. Load your RAM adaptor up with these translations and enjoy games like The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania the way they were meant to be… Read More

RHSF Banner Contest

We need banners! Do my job for me and see your work grace the top of this glorious website. All you gotta do is head to our discord, go to our art channel, and post whatever you have…. Read More

Game Gear Translations Added

Break out those batteries, because we have every single Game Gear English Translation Patch ever made in one convienent download ready to go. This pack includes the recently released Madou Monagatari II translation, as well as the first… Read More

Status Update

So, as of right now, things are kinda slow. Reason being, we’re lazy scumbags; but that’s okay. I know it took 6 months for this trash heap to get off the ground in any meaningful way and I… Read More

Thanks for everything, folks.

I genuinely mean that. If you’re here, you’re probably already a member of the Discord Channel. That’s good. I’m finally implementing changes around here, and I’m sorry that it didn’t happen sooner. The mission statement of RHSF is… Read More