NES Hack Packs

The greatest console of all time.

The NES is one of the most influential video game consoles of all time. It’s also the greatest console ever made and will probably never be topped. Because of this, there are thousands of NES ROM hacks. Whether it be translations, QOL improvements, or pure garbage, we have… The garbage. At least for now. Look, I’m trying, okay? Check back often.

Pure Garbage Pack v1.0

These hacks are designed specifically to piss you off. If that’s your kind of thing, there’s an entire website dedicated to these types of ROM Hacks. Go check them out I guess. This is a collection of several of those hacks for your perusal. DISCLAIMER: We do not even remotely condone, endorse, encourage any of the nonsense contained within these patches and will not be held responsible if you cannot handle the contents. you have been warned.


Famicom Disk System English Translations

Included are 47 English patches for various Famicom Disk System games. If you use a Famicom Disk Stick, you can load them up on your Famicom and enjoy them with perfect expansion sound support. Everdrive is a little bit more iffy but as of 2020 it’s decent enough.