Sega Master System

My Master System sits on a shelf up high where it can’t do any harm to anyone around it


Sega Master System is a console that exists. Brazilians enjoy it for reasons I can’t even begin to understand. Check out all these fancy translations available for it. There’s also some homebrew in there at the bottom. Don’t worry, I’ll ensure that those Genesis Start button patches that are out there end up here at some point.


European Translations Pack

Features German, French, Swedish, Italian, Polish, and Spanish translations for various SMS games. I have no idea how complete this is.

Download European Translation Pack

English Translations Pack

Various Japanese translated into English. By Various, I mean, probably around 8 or so. There’s a visual novel in there, so have fun with that I guess. I have no idea how complete this is.

Download English Translation Pack

Homebrew Pack

here’s some homebrew, I haven’t tried any of these because I don’t care but one of them looks like it has Bruce Lee. There’s also some stuff that utilizes the 3D glasses.

Download SMS Homebrew Pack