About RHSF

We are ROM Hackers Sans FrontiĆ©res. RHSF exists as a means for ROM Hackers everywhere to advertise their work, in any way they see fit, within reason. Many ROM Hacking sites out there have a mentality we don’t necessarily agree with, whether it be that they’re rejecting hacks for content reasons, or simply have toxic communities. It doesn’t really matter, if you’re not jiving with what other places have to offer, or you just want to have a place to plug you hack, we’re here. We aspire for this to be a place for ROM Hackers from all walks of life, and ideologies (again, within reason) to gather together and discuss this wonderful hobby without fear of being crapped on or whatever. We only have a discord server for community discussion, as it seems forum posting is falling out of fashion.

We also provide ROM Hack packs. It’s difficult to find patches for games that aren’t individual downloads. For archival purposes, as well as convenience, we provide ROM hack packs, categorized by console and content. Want every single Famicom Disk System English translation patch? We have them all in a single zip file ready for you to download. If you want them individually, they’re available at http://www.Romhacking.net. If (God forbid) that place disappears, we’re hoping that our having everything downloadable in one easy package is enough to mitigate the horrific loss that would be.

Rom hack archival is important to us, and while Romhacking.net does a great job of it, we think it’s in everyone’s best interest if more than one place contains every ROM hack imaginable.

Mind you, this is all a work in progress, and hack packs will need to be updated regularly to ensure that things stay up to date.

We’re also looking in to hosting Bootleg games (think Somari) for the same reason. We’re looking into the legality of such an endeavor now.

You can also expect to see LUA Scripts in the very near future.