Programs, scripts, and other miscellaneous files that are themselves not ROM hacks but rather aid in their creation.

Rom Mangler

Download: Rom Mangler
Author: grego2d
Description: Rom Mangler is a command line tool that is designed for merging and splitting arcade ROMs. Requires Java runtimes.

Gecko Grabber

Download: Gecko Grabber PROTOTYPE 03
Author: Gnawtor
Description: Gecko Grabber is a graphics viewer and editor for CPS1 games, featuring a built in palette editor. Due to inconsistencies in the ways that CPS1 program and graphics data are split across multiple ROMs, some legwork is required for Gecko Grabber to correctly load a ROM. A flat file (or “composite ROM”) must be created for both the program and graphics ROMs. How you merge your ROMs for editing and split them after is up to you, but MAME’s CPS1 driver is a good starting point for seeing how each individual game’s ROMs are split apart. The actual editing of pixel data is not done in Gecko Grabber, but rather by exporting and importing PCX image files. The reason for this is that I have no interest in trying to compete with a real graphics editing program and this seemed like the most pragmatic option. When importing a PCX file you must use a 16 color version 2 PCX, which is what Gecko Grabber exports to. PCX is an outdated image format, but it preserves indexed color data perfectly which is why I went with it. Paint Shop Pro can edit these files no problem, but I’m not sure what other programs work with this old format. After writing all this, I realize that this tool sounds pretty inconvenient to use, but I wrote it primarily for my own purposes. If you’re the kind of person who can pull off hacking an arcade game you are probably the type who can figure out how to use this tool. That being said, I offer no guarantees or warranty for this software. Use at your own risk.